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Millions of people suffer daily from a variety of conditions that affect core body temperature and thermal comfort. Beyond blankets and air conditioning, relatively few technologies have existed to meet this widespread need. A young startup, Thermaband, approached us with an idea that had the potential to not only meet the need, but do so in a personalized, intelligent, and effective way.

The Zone, as it would be called, would detect and predict body temperature fluctuations, activate a battery-powered thermoelectric pump, and move heat away from—or toward—your skin as needed, to provide immediate relief. Localized cooling that offered whole-body relief. At roughly the size of a smart watch, it would offer all-day runtime and complete mobility. No more parking in front of the AC.

Thermaband’s vision also included a companion app to provide insight into the Zone’s history of cloud-based sensor readings, give you greater control over functions and settings (adjust, trigger, or program the Zone), and connect you to the Thermaband community and support.

In spite of the clear vision, defined features, branding and business structure Thermaband brought to the table, the product and app were little more than an idea—one they hoped Ideaz could bring to life.


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To create a product that would automatically cool the body when hot and heat the body while cold, all while being discreet, easy-to-wear, and with an up-scale design.


To design and engineer a wristband that was lightweight and fashionable while still housing a long-lasting battery and state-of-the-art tech.



A sleek, sensor-packed wearable with a battery-powered thermal pump that monitors, predicts, and adjusts body temperature. The Thermaband Zone® Premium App allows you to learn about your health and wellness through personalized data. Dynamic health insights based on your temperature changes, at your fingertips.

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