As a young company with an exciting new idea, Pillar needed to move fast. in a couple of months, IDEAZ developed a design for the housing that was both utilitarian and distinctive. The housing has multiple methods of attachment built in – including an elastomer strap, magnets and other features that make mounting super simple and intuitive.


Over the course of only a few months Pillar’s vision for their new construction site sensor began to take shape. This was a robust project that included industrial design, engineering, functional prototypes, field testing, media events, and funding raising. No time for down time.


Pillar’s proprietary system came to life in record time. It includes subscription-based push notifications, decreases information overload and identifies problems before they become disasters. It also keeps a database of every sensor for the duration of construction and ends when the owners receive a certificate of occupancy.

The finished system is out in the wild and generating great press!

Read the write-up on TechCrunch.

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