Pillar Environmental Sensors

Mesh Network Sensors for Buildings

Pillar Technologies came to Ideaz with a functional prototype in an off-the-shelf box full of sensors and electronics. The devices were developed to be deployed across building sites to detect temperature, humidity, dust particulates, mold, atmospheric pressure, noise, vibration and volatile organic compounds—among other environmental conditions.

In just a few months, we developed a design for the housing that was both utilitarian and distinctive. The housing has multiple methods of attachment built in – including an elastomer strap, magnets and other features that make mounting super simple and intuitive to mount anywhere in a building site. There can be dozens set up on a site in the mesh network, all providing real time feedback via push notifications.

The mesh network based sensors and proprietary software provide a digital history of the building process that is valuable to insurance companies, construction companies and building owners that deliver a digital birth certificate of the building through all stages of construction.


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