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Cryptocurrency has been hailed as one of the next great technological revolutions, off­ering a critical pathway to transactional decentralization and security in a global cyber-economy that continues to evolve faster than many ever thought possible. In June 2017, Obelisk, Inc. launched with the goal of moving the cryptocurrency mining industry towards a future enshrined in transparency, stability, and healthy competition. In early 2018, Obelisk partnered with Ideaz’ mechanical and electrical design teams to develop their flagship products.

Working against an extremely aggressive development timeline of just a few months until production units needed to ship to customers, our mechanical and electrical engineers collaborated to design the electromechanical chassis assembly, and shepherd the development process through to production.

Since their founding just a few years ago, Obelisk has already shipped thousands of mining units, which have generated tens of millions of dollars in revenue, and they continue to reach new customers every day. In a rapidly evolving industry where development happens in weeks, not years, and success is predicated on always being a step ahead of the competition, Obelisk and Ideaz continue to work together to develop new hardware for the next generation of digital currency technology.

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