FastenMaster FusionLoc

Hidden Deck Fastener Tool

Ideaz collaborated once again with our partners at OMG to develop the FUSIONLoc. It’s a manual, collated hidden fastening system and installation tool. The FUSIONLoc clips are a proprietary hidden fastener for composite decking systems.

After exhaustive VOC research on jobsites, numerous prototypes and field validations – we arrived at the optimal solution. The tool is simple to use, ergonomic and meets the business objectives outlined by OMG.

The tool utilizes a collated strip of 5 proprietary clips and custom fasteners. Installation is a simple, fast and accurate. Simply align the tool on a deck stringer, drop in a the fastener and drive the screw to secure the clip. Twist tool sideways to snap off the clip, and advance to the next board.


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