Immunoassay Processing

Biotech start-up CyVek (now Protein Simple) asked Ideaz to help realize its vision for a modern, sleek housing for its proprietary benchtop immunoassay technology platform.

Starting with a mechanical layout from our client, Ideaz made some simple but meaningful modifications to ensure the configuration was suitable for a low volume casting process that eliminated the need for injection molded tooling costs and lead times. This was a driving factor in designing a clean, simple form utilizing a three-piece shell construction.


Ideaz focused on developing a user interface for access to micro-fluidic cartridges, and designed cartridge graphics to be simple and informative at a glance to improve usability.

Working closely with the engineers at CyVek and focusing on user needs, Ideaz was able to help CyVek achieve rapid commercial success and a great return on investment. Shortly after its public debut, CyVek was acquired for approximately $200 Million.

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