AltrixMedical SmartAED

An ultra-portable AED for first responders everywhere

Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) affects more people than breast cancer, prostate cancer, colorectal cancer, AIDS, traffic accidents, house fires and gunshot wounds combined.

Automatic External Defibrillators (or AEDs) are life-saving devices rescuers use to restore the heart to its normal rhythm after a SCA. In the US alone, tens of thousands of additional lives could be saved every year if AEDs were always on hand. Unfortunately, most AEDs aren’t portable, and are therefore out of reach when needed.

AltrixMedical worked with Ideaz to create an industry first: the SmartAED—a fully-functional, pocket-size device designed for first responders on the go. Due to its compact size, untrained civilian users can carry it in a pocket or bag, store it in a car or at home, saving more lives in more places.

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The SmartAED is compact—and packed with features you wouldn’t even find in a standard AED.

Using the SmartAED is simple. The rescuer need only pull, peel, and place the pads as indicated on the device. A simple user interface then guides them through the rescue process.

We call it “Smart” for a reason. The SmartAED connects to a companion app, allowing you to share data with a doctor, manage your devices, order supplies, or brush up on training. This breakthrough device has six patents awarded or pending for designs that transform a tried-and-true technology into a lifesaving tool in the hands of rescuers everywhere.


AltrixMedical worked with our team for a wide array of needs across the spectrum of hardware and software (app), graphics, and support for fundraising efforts. The result of that collaboration is an impressive product poised to change the world and save lives for years to come.

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