Industrial Design

Our product designers do a lot more than creating great-looking concepts. They dive into the experience of using your products and gaining a deep understanding of your customers’ needs. A keen engineering awareness allows them to recognize opportunities for innovation, and deliver products that are beautiful inside and out.

Mechanical Engineering

Our engineering expertise and manufacturing savvy run in parallel with our creative design through every step of our process. This fusion of engineering and design—along with many years of on-the-ground manufacturing experience—results in products and solutions that are unique, realistic, resonate with consumers, and provide great ROI.

Electrical Engineering

We design and engineer IoT consumer products, construction and medical devices. From wire frames to app development, we’ll get you connected to your customers.


Supporting Capabilities


Understanding and empathy are major components of the journey to improve how people live, work and play.

Before we start brainstorming about how we can solve a challenge, we first gather as much information as possible, including our client’s business goals, challenges and customer profile.

Our team then immerses themselves by using every existing product we are working on (if/when available) and ones that are similar to build empathy and a deep understanding of the users’ challenges. Many times its a lot of fun!



We love getting our hands dirty and physically participating in the creation of something great.

For us, building quick foam models, proof-of-concept models and finished prototypes are critical to the design process. We build, test, refine – then repeat as needed. This gives us a realistic understanding of scale, form, user interface and manufacturability.

Beyond single prototypes, Ideaz also has experience building up to 100 finished working prototypes, including electronics for real life validation. These pre-production runs are extremely valuable when expensive injection molding tooling budgets reach seven figures and we want to make sure everything is perfect prior to cutting steel.

Testing & Validation

After we have arrived at a killer concept and built a prototype, its time to validate it with end users. Validation happens throughout the project, from original VOC feedback during the immersion phase to post-production.

We dont stop there. We also cycle test, water test and use various other methods to validate function, durability and manufacturability prior to production tooling being created.



At Ideaz, we speak manufacturing. We have many years of experience sourcing and manufacturing transition – in the US and Asia. We’ve been there and done that. We can work with your vendors or find one for you. We can rate them and give you an opinion of their capabilities and quality control. We know a product has a long way to go from the database and we can help you get it to market.

Medical Device Development

Creating cutting-edge medical devices is complex, demanding, and has life-altering impact. In other words, it’s our cup of tea. Leverage our experience in medical device development to turn your great ideas into something real, with the potential to change the future of medicine.

Branding & Graphics

Our designers and graphics experts are ready to provide support for ads, POS, illustrations, and print pieces. Need us to create a completely new look for your brand that elevates and sets you apart? That’s right up our alley.


We create products worthy of success, that deserve to stand out on the shelf. That’s why we also provide structural packaging design that enhances your new product and helps you succeed at retail.


We understand how essential marketing is to your success, and are ready to assist you with high-quality photography and videography for your website, social media, trade shows, or other marketing efforts. So go ahead and put that cell phone back in your pocket. Please.

Web & App Development

Wouldn’t it be amazing if the same team that designed and engineered your product could create a cutting-edge, bespoke, responsive website to help sell it? Or a sleek app that intelligently integrates with your product? That’s right. We can.

We will build a bespoke team for your needs and provide you with everything you need—and nothing you don’t.

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